Kraków5020 sp. z o.o. undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications operated by public entities. This Declaration of Accessibility is applicable to the website.

Date of website publication:2020-09-11.
Last major update: 2024-02-29.

Status in terms of compliance with the Act

The website is partially compliant with the Law of April 4, 2019 on Digital Accessibility of Public Entities' Websites and Mobile Applications due to incompatibilities or exclusions listed below.

Requirements that have not been fulfilled:

some of the graphics do not have alternative texts

some of the films do not have subtitles or audiodescription for people with visual impairments

some of the links do not have alternative descriptions

Keyboard shortcuts

Users solely using a keyboard can move freely around the website using the Tab key.
Navigation is also blind people-friendly thanks to the subpage titles, the ordering function of headers and other facilities introduced with screen readers in mind.

The so-called focus feature, or highlighting the active link or form field by default, is enabled on the entire website, and it moves through all visible active elements of the page in a logical order. This allows people with physical disabilities or severe visual impairment to conveniently use the website.

Links to external websites open in the same window, which gives the users full control over their web browsers.
Links to subpages of websites open in the same window, which gives the users full control over their web browsers.
Links to external websites open in a new window.
We have made sure that the text has the right contrast to the background, thanks to which the materials posted to the website are also legible for people with poor eyesight.
We try to write comprehensible texts and format them according to the accessibility principles, using up to two colours and do not use capitals.

Date of Declaration and method of evaluation of digital accessibility

This declaration was made on 2024-02-29. This declaration was made on the basis of self-assessment carried out by the public entity in question.


If you encounter any issues concerning the accessibility of the website for people with disabilities, please contact us by sending us an e-mail to
, tel.: 12 307 12 73 You may also use these channels to submit your requests for non-accessible information and make complaints concerning lack of accessibility. For all other matters, please contact

Everyone has a right to request making a digital website, mobile application or any element thereof accessible. You may also request information to be made available to you via alternative means of access, such as reading a document that is not digitally accessible, describing the content of a film without an audio description, etc. The request should include personal data of the person making the request, an indication of the relevant website or mobile application, as well as contact information. If the person making the request wishes to receive the relevant information by alternative means of access, they should also specify a convenient way of presenting the relevant information. The public entity should comply with the request immediately, no later than 7 days after the request is made. If this deadline cannot be met for any reason, the public entity shall immediately inform the person making the request about the date, at which fulfilling the request will be possible, but no later than 2 months from the date of the request. If digital accessibility cannot be ensured, the public entity may propose an alternative manner of accessing the relevant information. In the case, where the public entity refuses to comply with a request to ensure accessibility or provide an alternative way of accessing the relevant information, the person making the request may lodge a complaint concerning ensuring digital accessibility of a digital website, mobile application, as well as an element of a website or mobile application. Once the above procedure has been exhausted, you may also submit a request to the Ombudsman.

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Architectural Accessibility

The headquarters of Kraków5020 sp. z o.o. is located at the ICE Kraków Congress Center, M. Konopnickiej 17.

By clicking this link you will go to the Declaration of Architectural Accessibility of the ICE Kraków Congress Center